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We are technicians with many years of experience repairing electronic devices.

From computers to headphones. we've seen all kinds of crazy damages

Rather than losing the investment made in your high-end headphones, send them to us today and get to the music.

beats wireless

Don't turn on - No sound - Bad sound - Broken parts - Damaged jack - Corrosion damaged - Ear pad cushions -

headband top pad - Noise cancellation problem - Damaged cable - Battery damaged - Broken headband -

Please visit our division specializing in Bose repairs.

Now only $35.- service, plus cost parts.

Reasons to work with us:

Many years of experience repairing headphones. Easy and personal service guaranteed.

5 Day guaranteed turn around time, when parts are available, please call for details.

We always notify you the reception, status and the completion of the repair by picture or video.

90-Day warranty on all repairs, call for details.

Free shipping on all returns and tracked delivery from our workshop to your door (to major repair of $70.-)


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Simple, flat rate pricing.

If we can't fix or if we can’t find the problem, you pay nothing.


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